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History of the company

ELZETT SOPRON Surface Treatment Ltd. is the successor of the Hardware Incorporation Company established in 1901.

The factory was founded on its present area as WEISS MANFRÉD Steel and Metal Works Inc. on 6th of June in 1940, as a firm registered in Budapest. Main products of the company were steel and metal products including preen, staple, push-button, safety-pin, hairpin, upholster nail, buckle and staples for trousers.

From 1st of May in 1948 the company operated under the name of Needle Factory of Sopron. In 1965 Elzett Sheet-metal Industrial Works and its plant in Sopron was founded by fusion of the Lock factory of Sopron, the Needle Factory of Sopron and the Knife Factory.

Following the merging of further industries the new centre in the capital, ELZETT WORKS was established, including its plant in Sopron. Main profile of the company was building-lock and window hardware production.

In 1984 construction of the galvanization factory with the area of 2800 m2 began in the plant on Csepel Street for the surface treatment of Centro-100 window hardware system products within the scope of energy-saving doors and windows program. From 1985 out of the wide range of products manufactured in the plant on Csepel Street only industrial clip producing went on. In 1990 a 100-line clip-producing instrument was installed.

On 6th of November in 1991 ELZETT SOPRON Surface Treatment Ltd. was privatized and purchased by the German ROTO FRANK EISENWARENFABRIK AG and the French SECURIDEV GROUPE SFPI in equal rates. After signing the contract one of the new owners said: ˝We could have bought an old factory and old machines elsewhere at a lower price but tradition and expertise should be honoured and paid.˝

From 1st of January 1996 window hardware production became the main profile of Roto Elzett Ltd. and lock production became the main profile of EURO Elzett Ltd. Surface treatment and industrial clip producing was henceforward carried out in the successor company, ELZETT SOPRON Surface Treatment Ltd.