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Surface treatment - Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The Surface Treatment Ltd.’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards.

Layer thickness

Thickness of the layers deposited on the products is determined and documented frequently by qualified specialists. Thickness of the deposited layers is 6 to 14 µm.

Corrosion resistivity

Corrosion resistivity of the coatings is tested in salt spray chamber according to MSZ EN ISO 9227 quality standard. Our laboratory performs corrosion tests for other companies as well.

According to the company’s standard, requirements are the following until white rust appears

Matt zinc coating:

- Suspended products: 1 000 h

- Non-suspended (small) products: 650 h


Zinc-iron alloy coating: 800 h

Zinc-nickel alloy coating: 1 000 h